Mil Milagros
Birthday Wishes for our Fearless Leader

All of us at Mil Milagros would like to wish a very happy birthday to Margaret Blood, our founder and executive director.  We appreciate your passion  and commitment to our team and to the children and families in our communities.  It inspires us all.

The children here in Guatemala wanted to do something special for her and decided to film this birthday song for her.  Margaret, we hope you celebrate well and that you have another wonderful year! 

With love, from the “milagros” of Mil Milagros

Hey, (Chichimuch) Moms, what’s for lunch?

While in Chichimuch this week, the Mil Milagros team was able to check out the lunch process from start to finish.  Every day at the school, a team of five mom volunteers arrives to cook for over 160 people.  The children bring the firewood and their own dishes.  They also have to make sure they have clean hands before they eat!  Once all the plates are filled, the moms clean up the kitchen to make sure it is ready for the next team of moms that will arrive the next day.

Menus include things like chicken soup with vegetables and beef with salad.  During our visit, the children were excited to be eating Pepian, a traditional Maya dish made with chicken, tomatoes, spices and ground seeds.  It smelled so delicious, we were sad we couldn’t stay to taste it!

Mil Blessings

On Monday, the Director of the school in Pahaj invited the Mil Milagros team to participate in a Maya ceremony to bless the organization and the children in our schools.  Her father is a Maya Spiritual Guide and led us through a traditional fire ceremony.  We hope our children and our work will continue to prosper and growth!

More healthy, full tummies in Xecotoj

Friday morning provided the Mil Milagros team with an opportunity for a short visit to the community of Xecotoj for this semester’s final fluoride varnish workshop, more water filter installation training, and most importantly, a planning meeting with the moms and teachers of the school. 

Mil Milagros has decided to implement a feeding program for the smallest community members in Xecotoj.  This, however, also requires an increased commitment from the families of those children as well.  On Friday the MM team discussed the logistics and additional volunteer requirements for moms whose young children will participate to receive a nutritious, balanced lunch.  The moms have agreed to work together to create plans and organize the community with the goal of beginning to feed these additional 19 children each weekday. We are excited to see their plans and to see some more healthy, full tummies in Xecotoj soon!